Sunday, April 21, 2013

WELCOME TO CLUB "ToonTopia Dance Club (Trance)" !!

I would like to tell you about a Club named "ToonTopia Dance Club (Trance)".

I was invited by a good friend Carmen and we danced for a bit (2 hours lol) while I took pictures.  I want to recommend this club to everyone. DJ Radical was there playing his awesome music when I joined up with Carmen and then the DJ changed and the was just as  good to hear...Great music, and pretty busy but friendly atmosphere. :)

Will return again when can grab Carmen to go dancing again LOL.

Here is a collage of our good time! Come on down to this GREAT club and find out for yourself how cool it is!

THE KISSING BOOTH DANCE CLUB - More than just a club!

Had an AWESOME time last night at the KISSING BOOTH with DJ STELLA/FANTASY and the family gang! woot!! We moved so much, it was hard to get a really good I apologize for my pics not being "bang on". 

Everyone were such a riot in local chat that I had too much fun chatting lol - thank you everyone...I needed a break from Real Life and you sure helped me out! hugs all around!!!!!!!!!

If you like to have a heck of a good time on Second Life and hear some GREAT music please go to THE KISSING BOOTH they have live DJ's and always have a friendly word or sentence or even a story to chat about LOL.  

Plus draws for lindens, falling money, Trivia and Greedy and a Genie to help fill your pockets while you dance in your chair...and pout when the even is over. :)  

Join the Club, its FREE!

From Sunday to Sunday they have someone one in the later evenings of SL time...check out when your fave DJ is on..or be like me...Take them ALL in!!


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