Friday, February 21, 2014

Using LUMIPRO for shadowing pictures.....

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday and for us.....SNOWDAY!

Yep, can't get out of my door.... let alone my driveway. :)

So, after shoveling a small pathway out my door....thought I would post up some pictures I did with my LUMIPRO yesterday. It is a very cool gadget for Second Life photographing....Takes practise and when I have such a nice sexy subject to take pictures of...well can't blame me for practicing lots.... ;)

They have a WEBPAGE to tell you how to use it, and it is pretty straight forward...for most ;) I will get the hang of it....but for now I was just excited I got it to do shadows on the

Here are a sample of my LUMIPRO Shadowing....Thank you to my sweet hubby that let me use him as a model giggles!

(Landmarks added as soon as I get onto SL again...and clothing info)

.....pst! Click on pictures to see them bigger!


Pose from MARKET PLACE -
Elephant from IE (Images Essentials past instore weekend hunt.)
Phred is wearing  - Carrie's Lingerie Boxers.......
Vicky is wearing - Carrie's Lingerie...........

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WOOT! NEW LIST FOR HUNTS, EVENTS and more!.....Gonna be busy!

Hey everyone!

Here is a new list hunt for Second life for you to look over and see what you want to hunt for, what you have been hunting and need to finish...or just see what us hunting nuts are up to in Second life... ;)




PSSSSSSST! for all those that read my BLOG - here is a goodie find for ya!

This top and pants are only 10L each! and there are many to choose from and even dresses and also MEN'S CLOTHING! :)


Monday, February 17, 2014



Cherries on Top Hunt III - A Valentine's event at PurpleMoon
February 13th - February 28th, 2014 - 11:59 PM SLT
PurpleMoon Main Store:
Lazuri Store:
Wetcat Store:

Once again "Cherries on Top Hunt III" brings fun and love to SL! This time with the help of two amazing brands, Lazuri Jewelry and Wetcat Poses; there are many more cherries to find than ever!

20 cherries have been hidden at PurpleMoon Main Store, Lazuri and Wetcat Stores (LMs provided above)

Find them and taste the sweetness of their fabulous treasures!

1- This hunt is free and open to public (no group membership required)
2- The object you are looking for is a pair of cherries with a steam and leaf on the top (like the sample located at the entrance)
3- To receive the gift, simple touch the cherries. You will be given an object that can be worn to unpack.
4- The cherries are numbered from 1 to 20.
5- There are no hints given. They are on plain sight. Very easy to find and this is more for the fun of it than anything else.
6- The cherries have been hidden in the three stores. The cherries hanging of the ceiling are an indicator that there are cherries hidden in that room. Always ground floor, no second levels. No outdoors.
7- It is MANDATORY to HAVE FUN! Bring your friends, family, loved ones and enjoy!

With love,
Poulet Koenkamp
PurpleMoon Creations

Zuri Lyric
Lazuri Jewelry

Wetcat Flux
Wetcat Poses & Builds


Yesterday was a BLAST!

Many came to see me DJ'ing and even stayed for the music and chat!! What fun!! Awesome time was had by all I hope - and look forward to when I play again in 2 weeks :))

Here are some pics that I grabbed and my sweetheart too...Thank you Val for letting me play, and Thank you everyone for coming out :)



I love Vintage photos now....Love when I am able to make a coloured new photo look old and antique.... :)

Sweet dreams......and lots of HUGS...


Sunday, February 16, 2014

DJ The Kissing Booth

I have the pleasure of working every 2nd Sunday from 5pmslt to 7pmslt at The Kissing Booth. I hope you have a chance to come and see me DJ....I am new at it...I make mistakes...I forget my lines...But I still have F.....U.....N!

This Sunday on Second Life - will be the theme VALENTINE'S. That means any colours you like that makes you feel in the Valentine mood....There will be slow songs, romantic songs, fast songs, fun songs...all sorts...for 2 hours and I hope to be able to speak more this time than last...Still have my cold but hey..Can still sit here and play music for you :)

See ya there!

And if you can't make it online to see me...Why not bring up the Webpage or iTUNES and listen that way..... WebCast Streams

HUGS, Vicky


Addictive Gaming from SPOILED STORE

   Addictive.... Gaming...  Wearing GENUS Project - Genus Head  Strong Face GIFT001 - v1.7 Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.1   Moon. Hair. // T...