Saturday, November 26, 2016



♥♥ Princess Cut Lingerie Set ♥♥

A drop your jaw Lingerie...with 16 different textures along with one that is "see through" and unlimited combinations of colors to create your own look as you cozy up to someone SPECIAL...

The look of this Lingerie in one word IS...  SEDUCTIVE you get as little as 16 textures to play with...then PISH POSH owner Toki....Put in a color wheel that you can change the textures to unlimited combinations.
Grab this sweet number at this Market Place location...

♥ Princess Cut Lingerie Set w/HUD/Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/TMP/Tonic
from Pish Posh


Next in this sexy series is another hot and sexy dip low in the front and hot sexy short on the legs Dress...

♥♥ Chardonnay Halter Dress ♥♥

Who can resist a cute yet cleavage showing number when you want to get your dates attention?  Put this on and you will have their attention all night long!  With 18 textures and an unlimited colour wheel to play may never leave the house!

 Jump over to the MARKET PLACE and grab this gem of a dress...very cheap for all you can do with this every time you try it on. :D 

♥ Chardonnay Halter Dress w/HUD/Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/TM:


SANTA IS WATCHING......and he LOVES what ROA Fashion Store put out for us to wear!!!

What are you on Santa's List? 

Well if you go out and wear this dress you will be on his NAUGHTY  list and he just maybe smiling when he visits you Christmas Eve. ;)
This hot number is called "Santa is Watching", and ROA Fashions has made it IMPOSSIBLE to miss her store....What a cute dress she has put out for us for the holiday Season...Grab your Santa hat and boots...put that RED lipstick on your lips and get ready to paint the town "RED" and your lover will enjoy you wiggling up next to him on the dance floor and off....





Monday, November 21, 2016

ONLY YOURS MENS FASHIONS in the HOLLIDAZE HUNT! Nov 20th - Dec 31st Sim Wide!!

Another wonderful Store has come out with a selection of "must have" hunt items for this SPECIAL Sim Wide Hunt!


Only Yours Men's Fashion is a god send for those that have a hubby, partner, lover, male friend that is badly in need of some awesome outfits to put on and show off too!

 3 STARS and ONE Candle for and Exclusive item TO FIND in ONLY YOURS MENS FASHIONS upstairs of ROA FASHION STORE.


The Jeans on my hubby and Sweater are both Hunt cute to snuggle in.....(and the top fits us ladies!)
A lovely bike ride in ONLY YOURS MEN FASHION hunt items (polo shirt and jeans on Phred...)
This sweater is the Exclusive Item!! ;)
So come on down to ONLY YOURS MENS FASHIONS with your sweetie..and both of you grab these you can see...The sweaters look pretty hot on us ladies as we dress up warm for the coming winter months...Have fun!



ONLY YOURS Fashion Main Store:   (up the stairs!)




Storax Tree SMASH D and W stores in Dazzle June Event 2019

Dazzle June Event 2019 Ice Cream & Popsicle Party ***********************************************************************...