Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cay's Woodland Lake Sim!!! ...A MUST SEE!!

Hi everyone!
If you have the time and want a romantic spot to take your sweetie - I would recommend Cay's Woodland Lake Sim...more than just dancing there! There are places to rent, you can Rez and ride a boat, or jump off the dock and see the lake floor, (OK...I playfully pushed my sweetie Phred off the dock lol), cuddle seats and romantic waterfalls, shopping for fun poses and very nice men and woman's clothing, and not to mention - great music, friendly DJ's and Staff and best of all.....dancing! Woot!
They have something great happening each day there, so don't just take my word for how great it is...Go and find out! :)
Here is a picture of one of the Cuddle spots on the Sim...Was fun trying out the different poses at the picnic, and near the end of the evening...was trying out lightening. :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Today had the fun time of seeing two stores that had great specials on..sadly they are closing :(

But for us we get to enjoy the time we spent at them, and give them a wonderful goodbye as we "shop til we drop!"

This blog is about the store....THE SEA HOLE - was a new place to me...and was sad to see it go as I found many items I really loved grabbing in their store.

Here is their landmark to go and get yourself some treasures to remember them by..... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/8%208/154/81/22

 Here are 2 collages I have made with some of the items that I collected in their store today...(I have a few more items in my collection but these are my faves.)

**So go, check them out before they close for good on May 31st and pick up a few bargains for yourself!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Here is a list of this super sexy outfit..CB HALEY  - BIRTHDAY BRITE.

If you have the chance to pick this outfit do so...its so much fun to put on, the silky look and the feel of the pj bottoms are so much fun to have a old fasioned PILLOW FIGHT with :)

Not to forget the Sexy little panties this comes with, shows off just what you would LOVE to get your hands on ;)

CB~Haley Tank Top Birthday Brite
CB~Haley Panties Birthdat Brite
CB~Haley Mesh Lounge Pants M Birthday Brite

HAIR:  >TRUTH< Jackie - mocha
ACCESSORIES:  JCNY - 'GRAND Tiffany Collection, Hyper-Gems Combo Wedding Ring, Magically Aluring Photo Charm on Ball Link Chain Necklace
SKIN:  LAQ ~ Jennie2 - [Ebony] - 02
EYES:  Amacci Real Eyes ~ Sapphire Big
BACKGROUND:  KaTink store....KaTink - Las Islas 12, KaTink - Love 4
POSING STAND: *Neko Yo Posestand Menu drive MOD 45 Female Poses (with added poses from Hunts, and other stores...)

OPPS sorry forgot the full view of the pjs!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

WELCOME TO CLUB "ToonTopia Dance Club (Trance)" !!

I would like to tell you about a Club named "ToonTopia Dance Club (Trance)".

I was invited by a good friend Carmen and we danced for a bit (2 hours lol) while I took pictures.  I want to recommend this club to everyone. DJ Radical was there playing his awesome music when I joined up with Carmen and then the DJ changed and the was just as  good to hear...Great music, and pretty busy but friendly atmosphere. :)

Will return again when can grab Carmen to go dancing again LOL.

Here is a collage of our good time! Come on down to this GREAT club and find out for yourself how cool it is!


THE KISSING BOOTH DANCE CLUB - More than just a club!

Had an AWESOME time last night at the KISSING BOOTH with DJ STELLA/FANTASY and the family gang! woot!! We moved so much, it was hard to get a really good pic...so I apologize for my pics not being "bang on". 

Everyone were such a riot in local chat that I had too much fun chatting lol - thank you everyone...I needed a break from Real Life and you sure helped me out! hugs all around!!!!!!!!!

If you like to have a heck of a good time on Second Life and hear some GREAT music please go to THE KISSING BOOTH they have live DJ's and always have a friendly word or sentence or even a story to chat about LOL.  

Plus draws for lindens, falling money, Trivia and Greedy and a Genie to help fill your pockets while you dance in your chair...and pout when the even is over. :)  

Join the Club, its FREE!


From Sunday to Sunday they have someone one in the later evenings of SL time...check out when your fave DJ is on..or be like me...Take them ALL in!!


Thursday, April 11, 2013


Murky shadows  - comes into view a beauty with a sweet smile, casual attire....and crocodile boots?

I went on Second Life yesterday and found I was given 2 gift.  One was a cute Man's black sweater and the other was a pair of interesting orangish Crocodile boots :D  I thought wow cool!! So I put a pair of black jeans on, and took a picture of my gifts.

What gifts do you get in your inventory that you forgot you subscribed too? Its like christmas when you go online and your given a gift. :)

Enjoy the day and do join a few subscribe places, you never know when your gonna be sent something in the "SL mail" :)


JEANS:  (Iki) Skinny Jean Belted: Black (For Boots)
BOOTS:  Amour Signature - Ciara MESH Boots - Amour
JEWELLERY: Magically Aluring Photo Charm on Ball Link Chain Necklace
HAIR:  Magika [Hair L] Calm
SWEATER:  Rispetto Designs - Disegno MESH Sweater
SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. Anais Milk special edition CL
EYES:  *Bliss Couture* Realistic Eyes (Blue)

Monday, April 8, 2013


After my good friend Serenity showed off her sexy blog (http://serenestyle.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/almost-paradise/) of a skin and dress...well she got my mind working on how fast can I get home from work and nab that skin lol - while I was there I got both also - and yep am wearing the dark version in my pics, but the light version is pretty too! and I also went to the GOTCHA fair, and nabbed that dress - but no idea what style it will be yet...for this collage I put on the other dress I nabbed from the gotcha machines ...it's a cute bird mini dress -and I  have a posing with birds pose that I will search for and get a few shots off too :) there is a small fee for the joining for the free skin gifts but its worth it!


JEWELLERY:  CCD - Tres Beau Diamond Ring , JCNY - 'GRAND Tiffany Collection, Combo  Wedding Ring, Magically Aluring Photo Necklace
HAIR:  Magika [Hair S] Calm
SKIN:  DEESSES: Kylie - group gift
EYES:  *Bliss Couture* Realistic Eyes (Blue)


Locations for Skin and for Gotcha Dress (many more stuff there too!)
Gotcha Carnival: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bohemian%20Rhapsody/61/192/22
Deesses Skins: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Celaeno/89/80/31
SERENITY'S AWESOME BLOGhttp://serenestyle.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/almost-paradise/

Sunday, April 7, 2013


This is LINDEN REALMS. It is a virtual game that includes Quests, Falling rock in Caves, Crystals and Lava lakes.  Oh, did I mention...ROCK MONSTERS? :)

Now before you say "no way!" You gotta try it!!

First I have some "learned lessons" for you...

1. Put yourself on RUN  - you will need to be running all the time in the game.
2.  When a Rock Monster gets you - you get transported to the nearest TP spot in the game. You don't really die, and after a few times you learn how to run fast!
3.  The Rock Monsters only have a limited range they protect, once you know what that limit is...then you can TEASE the rocks LOL.
5.  If you take OFF your HUD they give you, you will be transported home. You will then need to Transport back to the PORTAL park to re-enter the game again. (YOU WILL STILL HAVE THE CRYSTALS YOU COLLECTED). No matter if you get teleported out and back home, or leave on your own, or die in the game by Rock Monsters or Lava rivers or the Falling rock Cave.So when you play the game again, your HUD will show you how much you gathered.
6.  Try and use a viewer that lets you see MESH and also a higher resolution.  If you don't, the trees will look like balls, and the Rock Monsters will look like eggs. Funny to look at, but more fun if you see how it really looks when you play.
7.  You get Crystals by running over them. You collect Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue and Green.
     a) Yellow and Red are the easiest to find, they each take 50 Crystals to make money...don't worry you will have a counter HUD and it adds up fast!!
     b) Orange is higher paying Crystal then the Yellow and Red.  They re-appear every 15 min after being taken.
     c) Green are harder to find than ORANGE and they appears again every 30 min after being taken.
     d) Blue are the hardest to find and most valuable Crystal.  They re-appear every hour after being taken.

Once you get used to getting away from the Rock Monsters, you will find many different parts of the Realm that you will enjoy collecting in. :)

I recommend PORTAL 3, for  getting in and getting you HUD that the game will give you to keep track of your Crystals.  But try each PORTAL and see which works best for you...and give the game a chance, it really is fun...and even addicting :D




Who doesn't love getting PAID to play a game? lol.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I am having great luck in finding Gifts to post today! This gem is from THE WHITE ARMORY.  One thing to remember about their store, it's got beautiful gowns, and very classic men's armor that are from the era to seduce a maiden and hunt down dragons and protect the kingdom.

Today's delight showed me a different side of this classic store. I was very delighted in getting to show you that not only do they do gorgeous gowns but they also do every sweet and sexy short  dresses.

Please take the time to enjoy the variety this store has to offer. You won't be disappointed and you may even leave with your arms full of goodies...


DRESS: Pretty Sunday Dress  - weekend gift from THE WHITE ARMORY
SHOES:  Passion4Fashion Pearl White highheels
JEWELLERY:  CCD - Tres Beau Diamond Ring, JCNY - 'GRAND Tiffany Collection,Wedding Ring, Magically Aluring Photo Charm Chain Necklace
HAIR:  Magika - Habit
SKIN: LAQ ~ Jennie2 - [Cocoa] - 02
EYES: *Bliss Couture* Realistic Eyes (Blue)


Here is a very beautiful dress, from the wonderful store PURPLE MOON CREATIONS. This dress was a gift to all members of her group for having 200000 members. Way to go! I just had to try it on, the silky feel and look make me feel so special today.  I hope you have a chance to go and check out this great store and grab your FREE FOR MEMBERS gift. I costs a small fee to join, but the dresses you get each month are paid back in triple digits.

In the Picture we are wearing...

Vicky is wearing: 
Dress:  :: PM :: Aquarelle Gown in Turquoise, with headpiece and bodice piece.
Jewellery:  (SP) Earring, CCD - Tres Beau Diamond Ring, JCNY - 'GRAND Tiffany Collection, Combo Wedding Ring, Magically Aluring Photo Chain Necklace
Hair:  [e] Leah - Black 04
Skin:  LAQ ~ Jennie2 - [Cocoa] - 02
Eyes:  *Bliss Couture* Realistic Eyes (Blue)

Phred is wearing:

JELLERY: Frank's Elite Men's Platinum Bracelet Watch, JCNY - 'GRAND Tiffany, Mens Wedding Ring, Magically Aluring Photo Charm Chain Necklace
HAIR:  [Uw.7R]  Elick-Hair  size-L   Meteoric
EYES:  IKON Ardent Eyes - Pewter (M) (April gift)




This is my adorable husband Phred. He was kind enough to pose for a few pictures (ok 10) and let me post a blogger about this great store.  The store is called COPACABANA FASHIONS and they have many MIDNIGHT MANIA boards up for both men and woman. I think Phred has just about every clothing item they have put up now lol.  This store is great for newbies and oldies to Second Life. Why? Because in most items you win (or buy for a great price), have shoes, clothing and even hair included. All for one packages.

Hit the landmark and go check it out - you may find a few - or more than a few may like to take away. :)

Friday, April 5, 2013


Wow what a blast it was last night at the Video Dome, located at THE KISSING BOOTH Club. Lots showed up for the PINK FLOYD Concert in "surround sound".

I had taken over 48 pictures, but I was nice to you all and made a few collages of them instead for you to enjoy today lol.  If you can make it - it is worth the trip to THE VIDEO DOME on THURSDAY NIGHTS at 8pm Second life time. (sl time)

Enjoy the pictures and look forward to seeing you next week!

 The theme was "come as you are".  One of these days will put on a costume and wear it there :D
 Here are some pictures of what the place looks like - but they don't do the justice it deserves. The pictures surround you and clear music and video is played while you chat in local or in private.  All are welcome, and its an awesome experience when a big crowd appears for the event!
 Here are a few pictures of THE KISSING BOOTH family.  Center stage is our very loveable and awesome DJ BECKS - she is great at putting on an awesome show! You wont regret coming and staying for a while. Also pictured here is handsome Buck who always puts a smile on your face, hot to handle Sharon who always surprises us with her latest creations,  and sweet and loveable not to mention very sexy in blonde hair Sweedy. And our number one lady of the evenings are the owner of THE KISSING BOOTH and friendly VALERIE (aka Val).  She makes everyone feel at home when you visit.  I been a family friend for a few years now, but some have been there since the beginning of Second life.  It's just a great bunch of people that support the group.

See you all next week!!!


Thursday, April 4, 2013


What a wonderful find!  I was in Carrie's Lingerie store today to find a hunt item, and what I came out with is a GORGEOUS lingerie!


If you have the lindens put aside for a one of a kind lingerie, this is the one to grab!!

Landmark:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carries%20Dreams/89/125/22



CB~Limited Butterfly Eve Panties, CB~Limited Butterfly Eve stockings, CB~Limited Butterfly Eve Corset 2, CB~Limited Butterfly Eve Bra 1, CB~Limited Butterfly Eve Panties 1, CB~Limited Butterfly Eve Full Make-up, CB~Eve Butterfly Shoes, CB~Limited Butterfly Skirt

(SP)  Earrings
CCD - Tres Beau Diamond Ring w/resizer
JCNY - 'GRAND Tiffany Collection, Hyper-Gems Combo Wedding Ring

LAQ ~ Jennie2 - [Cocoa] - 01

*Bliss Couture* Realistic Eyes (Blue)

Amacci Hair Gloria ~ Dark Brown


Ahhh yes Summertime...The fun Season...To splash in the cool water, and dive under waterfalls, the lush green trees shading you as the hot sun tries to make you look like a "red lobster" before nightfall ;) Not to forget the hot men and woman playing Volleyball on the beaches!!!!!! Woot!!

Today I am wishing for Summer...as my temperatures are below Zero *C and my toes and noes are cold. Enjoy your days as the Summer approaches and make those plans for when the days are long and hot..what will you be doing?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Wishing you did a easy hunt over Easter? This is an easy "yet hard" hunt lol. Last day was today - so of course I had to try it....I found 5 out of 6 Eggs.  Hmmm I do wonder what that 6th Easter egg would have been? I may have to go back and find it!! (P.S the eggs are FREE to buy!!)

Landmark for Fierce Designs.... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Compton/110/32/2004


Fierce**Bunny top red
Fierce**Bunny pants red
(SP)  Earring (left)
(SP)  Earring (right)
--->T&S GLaMouR<--- Hair Valeria chestnut
Fierce**Bunny bowtie
Fierce**Bunny cuff left
Fierce**Bunny cuff Right
Fierce**bunny ears
Fierce**Bunny tail
Fierce**Easter Bunneh (wear me)
JCNY - 'GRAND Tiffany Collection, Hyper-Gems Combo Wedding Ring
**NOYA** OPHELIA - Ivory Platinum Skin & Soft Make Up
*Bliss Couture* Realistic Eyes (Blue)

Gorgeous skin from NOYA!

Sometimes it pays to give a review. :)

The NOYA group last month said if we commented on a purchase, we would receive a FREE skin on April 1st.  A gorgeous"**NOYA** OPHELIA.  This skin came with a bonus skin also - both are OPHELIA and both are so sexy!  This skin will be worn often. Such pretty makeup on this skin, no one can resist putting her on and taking on the Second Life town. :)


Nyte'N'Day - Tiz Bikini Top - Flush
Nyte'N'Day - Tiz Bikini Bottoms - Flush
(SP)  Earring (left)
(SP)  Earring (right)
HAIR - [e] Early - Black 04
SKIN - **NOYA** OPHELIA - Ivory Platinum Skin & Soft Make Up
*Bliss Couture* Realistic Eyes (Blue)

 KaTINK - At the Beach Pack
1. Beach #5
2 Beach #3. (same background for #3)

1.  The Muse Poses - Seduction 03
2.  aDORKable Poses Floored 3
3.  aDORKable Poses Floored 2

Sunday, March 31, 2013



I found the cutiest bunny outfit today - at the *IW*Inga Wind Clothing. This sweetie of a costume also comes in PINK, BLUE AND RED.
 Have fun as you hop around collecting all those Easter eggs. :)

(SP)  Earring (left)
(SP)  Earring (right)
*IW* Tilly in Purple (cutiest bunny outfit - also in pink, red, blue)
*IW* Tilly Whiskers
CCD - Tres Beau Diamond Ring w/resizer
JCNY - 'GRAND Tiffany Collection, Hyper-Gems Combo Wedding Ring
[e] Early - Brown 08
{AIMI} Easter Special Skin Group Gift
Amacci Real Eyes ~ Sapphire

Wonderful when you can hit a "3 day freebie gift" from Chrystalis.

Today I got the luck of checking out CHRYSALIS Fashions shop and catch their 3 DAY'S ONLY freebie gift, and what a gift!

This lovely Royal Blue mounds of silky perfection was just as lovely to wear as it was to take off the rack. It comes with a flower attachment for over the left breast. I decided to leave it off for these shots so you get the full view of the bodice. 

Items worn...

( SP ) Lashes
(SP)  Earring (left)
(SP)  Earring (right)
CCD - Tres Beau Diamond Ring w/resizer
Chrysalis - Margot - Mesh gown - L (Mesh)
JCNY - 'GRAND Tiffany Collection, Hyper-Gems Combo Wedding Ring
LAQ ~ Face light
[e] Early - Brown 08
{AIMI} Easter Special Skin Group Gift (with a small carrot on the right cheek not shown)
Amacci Real Eyes ~ Sapphire

HAPPY EASTER! Carrie's Lingerie has such a sweet VIP gift waiting for you!

Last night I got creative for my blog posting today and went wild with picture taking for me and Phred...here is a sample. :D Vicky and Phred are wearing the latest Carrie Lingerie in the VIP group...I love silk pants on Phred, esp light blue...Sexy! So, don't walk...RUN to your nearest CARRIE LINGERIE Store and  grab up that VIP tag and get some awesome sexy bedtime wear. :)
Vicky Coronet is wearing..
CB~Lace Devine Stockings Baby Blue
CB~Lace Devine Bra Baby Blue
CB~Lace Devine Panties Baby Blue
LAQ ~ Jennie2 - [Cocoa] - 01
CCD - Tres Beau Diamond Ring w/resizer
JCNY - 'GRAND Tiffany Collection, Hyper-Gems Combo Wedding Ring
Magically Alluring Photo Charm on Ball Link Chain Necklace
Amacci Real Eyes ~ Sapphire
Magika Hair - Aina

Phred Coronet is wearing...
CB~Men Mesh Satin Alpha
CB~Men *S* Mesh Satin Pants baby blue
Frank's Elite Men's Platinum Bracelet Watch
JCNY - 'GRAND Tiffany, Hyper-Gems Men's Wedding Ring
Magically Alluring Photo Charm on Ball Link Chain Necklace
[Uw.7R] Elick-Hair size-L Meteoric
Eyes (Baby Blue)
Jordan_M10_CHH_by_Nany_Merlin (skin by Unique Skins)

Vicky and Phred are wearing in Couple pose -
CB~Lace Devine Garterbelt Baby Blue
CB~Lace Devine Stockings Baby Blue
CB~Lace Devine Bra Baby Blue
CB~Lace Devine Panties Baby Blue
Magically Aluring Photo Charm on Ball Link Chain Necklace
[e] Abbey - Black 04
LAQ ~ Jennie2 - [Cocoa] - 01
Amacci Real Eyes ~ Sapphire

Phred wearing...
CB~Men Mesh Satin Alpha
CB~Men *S* Mesh Satin Pants baby blue

Posing platform...
KaTink - Pink N Gray Bedroom - from KaTink
Pose stand used for couples - oOo Breathless c/m/nt (by oOo Studio)
Pose stand used for singles - *Neko Yo Posestand Menu drive MOD 45 Female Poses

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lovely Gowns on Sale at Bliss Fashions!

If you been waiting for a sale at Bliss Fashions - Get there now. They are closing down the Discount store and putting the dresses there "up to 90%" off!!

Here are a few of the huge selection of gowns, bathing suits, and short dresses along with a small selection of Eyes and lashes that can be taken home with you.



Bliss Culture Realistic Eyes - Ruby
Bliss Culture Rosaline - Rust
Skin - LAQ Elena - Natural Edition -  (coca 02)
(e) Melody - Black 04 (retiring sale from [ e l i k a t i r a ] )


Bliss Culture - Emily Ball Gown
Bliss Culture Realistic Eyes  - Magical
Amacci Hair - Gloria Dark Brown
Skin - LAQ Jennie2 - coca 02
Magic Alluring photo charm necklace (add own picture)

Bliss Culture Realistic Eyes - Blue
Bliss Culture Botanical Dress - Pink
Skin - LAQ - Julia Moca 02
Hair - Amacci - Alissa black with hat
Shoes  - Carrie Lingerie - CB Elizabeth heels - pink

Bliss Culture - Blissy's Secret Bikini
Bliss Culture - Realistic Eyes - Blue
Skin  - LAQ - Jenniey2 - Ebony 02
Tattoo - LAQ Cleavage - Ebony
Hair - Calico Creations - Tanya Curly Black

Friday, March 22, 2013

More HOT skins from SKIN FAIR 2013

Hello everyone,
It is Friday night for me, and I am been busy working on a blog for SKIN FAIR 2013. It was such fun to go to - and to take away DEMO'S along with some HOT goodies :)

Here is a collection of a few that I took pics of...there are so many that you really need to head over to see for yourself all the skins and shapes available.

 Pretty in pink lingerie, this sweet skin is from RazzaNova - Lotus - Jane Tan Blank Page.

 This sexy pale beauty from the country is STYLE BY KIRA - Serenity

 This sexy dark DEMO is from the sweet and sexy store AMACCI - Skin is called  RAYNE - TERRA (comes in other skin shades..I love dark tans.)

This sweet candy treat is from the MEDOW TAN - Skintone Smokey

 These last two sexy photos are from the skin TZAL - Lana Tan Valentine, on the first day of the Fair, this beautiful skin was FREE.

Get over there before it is over to grab some demos and also hot numbers for you to show off to that someone special behind close doors.... ;)

::HUCCI:: DRESS on sale 99L only for 48 HOURS....HURRY!!

After reading my sweet friend Serenity's Blog about HUCCI dresses being on sale for only 48 hours and what a gorgeous dress it was...well I had to go and see for myself....as you can tell I loved them :) 
I am here wearing Violet and also Dusk Blue. Grab these gems!

These lovely dresses come in many different Mesh sizes, and also a notecard to help you make your shape fit this dress to a "T".

Here is their landmark - Don't wait!! 


Monday, March 18, 2013

So many Skin Shops....So little Time....

This past week I was delighted to go to the SKIN FAIR in Second Life.  I was floored on how  many great shops showed up to entice us with they wonderfully crafted skins and shapes. (Some were even for men!)

As I will add to this post more pictures to show off what great Skins Shops were there, I have made one that I wish had been there.

This little place is called GAALL SKINS.  I had picked up a skin and shape combo that added hair and also a cute little dress with sexy black boots!

Here is the Landmark for you to go see this awesome little shop that I will be happy to return back to...Often!


Britney - Complete Avitar from Gaall Skins
This Complete Avatar is called BRITNEY - and the biggest BONUS I can say is this complete set was only 299L!!!  I will add Skin pictures also....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

THE VIDEO DOME - A must See in Second Life!

Hello there,

I am enjoying looking  through my pictures I took to show you some glimpse of Second Life Club life.

One place I recommend highly is the VIDEO DOME that has a live DJ and also MUSIC VIDEO'S to watch all around you while you dance for 2 hours single with other friends or in your lovers arms.

This collage picture is of my last time at the Dome. As I have slow internet now I missed this months wonderful videos. (pouting).

Here is the link for the in-world THE Video Dome, and its on every THURSDAY night 8pm - 10pm SLT


This link will take you to one of my favorite places in SL  - THE KISSING BOOTH. I worked there for many years at a HOSTESS, and some day soon to return. They are always looking for DJ and Hosts so apply if you like to work at a great place :)

On Thursday's that link will take you directly to the VIDEO DOME.

Here is a picture of my latest night there...What fun I had!!

 With me is my Sweetheart Phred.  I love when we dance together at the Dome. On the Couple dance ball, (you can pick any dances that you like - as you can see I enjoy the close kissing dances) lol.

Hope you take the time to check out this place, so that you will too have a great time watching Music Videos while you dance away the night...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Merging SL Faces to RL faces - hard but rewarding!

In the past few months - or the past year more like it!  :) I have been dabbing in merging my SL face to real world pictures....

I have failed many times and will again...But I made a collage of some of my faves I have posted on to my Facebook for others to see....What do you think???

Here is my Face Book page for you to see others I have posted  :)


Please meet my hubby Phred. :)

Hi there,

My name is Victoria Coronet - but please call me Vicky. I love posting pictures up on my Facebook wall and was asked many times to make a Blog so others can enjoy them too that are not in my little circle of freinds on there.

WELL, here is my first attempt at it...I have never blogged before. I love chatting, and I can tell you more than you ever need to know when asking me a question lol.

Here is my first pictures I would like to post on my Blog.  I made sure that my husband Phred was right at the top of my pictures.  Love you Sweetheart <3

This is my adorable sweet husband Phred. The man that gives my life meaning. Without his support and encouraging, I would be lost. You will see him often in my photos from Second Life as he is so darn sexy! :)

With my travels around Second Life and my work as a Hostess I have met many people all across the world. And many have become my long time friends :) I enjoy my time on SL with shopping, Hunting and taking pictures :).

May you find my photos I post as enjoyable as I do...Take care and visit often!

And if you like to see my FaceBook page for more pictures and info...here is my link :)


Have a great day!!

ROA is at Spoonful of Sugar Event Sept 2019

THE SOS FESTIVAL 2019   &   SOS SHOPPING  Your one stop spot for many sweet dresses and items to wear daily :D   ...