Sunday, October 14, 2018

TFF at Dazzle October Event 2018

EXCLUSIVE Item from TFF Designer 
DAZZLE October Event.....

 With Halloween just around the corner...I could not resist in putting myself into a "skull" bikini to show off this sexy body from TFF. 
With this lovely Body shape for Catwa Mesh/Bento Heads, you will get 3 different modify bodies from Skinny to Full figured along with 3 different Eyebrow shapes.
There is no Skin with this body, or the Catwa head but it is a steal of a price for those that need a new sexy body and no time to make it...

Hips are sexy and rounded...just right for holding tight as you sway in close to your date....

You lean in closely...and whispering in their ear - how much you would love them to take you home and go....

....for a swim. ;)

As you wait for your body to calm down from the evenings passions and the night air seductively caresses the droplets on your skin....close you eyes and feel the warm breeze around you, as the night air pushes your hair softly around your shoulders like soft feathers tickling your senses. Every cell in your body will be buzzing and alive as you daydream of the nights Passions.

Come to Dazzle October Event where your most desires can be lived...and your heated passions sparked to life....

Model is wearing......

Modify Body - TFF Ava *Catwa* Slim Shape (comes in Slim, Regular and full Figure)

Skin Applier - L'Etre Skin Shop - Body Skin [Golden Tone]  for Catwa Bento Head
L'Etre - Maitreya Body Appliers [Golden tone]  PUSHUP 

Hair - TRUTH / Natalie in light brown/Dark blonde

Mesh Head - CATWA EYES RIG Catya v3.2,  CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2, CATWA HUD Eyes Appliers v3.2

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1, with Alpha, Feet and Bento Hands

Clothing Applier - Skull Bikini Applier for Maitreya Body

Shadows Created by - Lumipro, Poses by Lumipro

Photos taken at Private Home ( Model's Home)

Dazzle October Month Event...

Dazzle -


Face Paint at Dazzle October Event 2018

The Evening comes to a close...The curtain come down...The lights dim...clapping can be heard loudly around the room...outside onto the streets and down the block.
A lovely lady stood on stage...her smile big, her arms spread out wide in a "thank you" as slowly walks backwards out of sight.
Her smile still big as she peaks through the curtain at all the people getting up to exit the concert. They loved me she whispers! What a wonderful night. Full of music and laughter. Magic was made...history too. She turns to her head to her dressing room.

AS she closes the dressing room door, her smiles fades a bit, but not her happy thoughts. Her life was changed tonight, She made the big times.  She hugs herself to keep warm as a draft from an open window whispers in.

Tonight is the night for you to make your own way to the big screen. With Painted Face cosmetics and dresses along with Huds and dazzling masks to re-create your most special moment in your Second Life world.

Come to Dazzle October Event where you will fill your mind/dreams and desires in all array of items...and have a wonderful time dressing up too!


Model is Wearing...

CLOTHING  -  Face Paint Cyprus I - Dress Size M, Face Paint Gold Mask, Face Paint Gold Mask Resize Hud, Face Paint High Glam Eyeshadow Pallette, Face Paint lipstick three pallette for catwa, .:KC:. BRAZILIA for MAITREYA

MESH BODY  -   Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

BENTO HEAD  -   CATWA EYES RIG Catya v3.2, CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2

SKIN  -    -Belleza- Callie BASE Medium

MODIFY  BODY  -   TFF Ava *Catwa  Slim Shape

HAIR -   TRUTH HAIR Sassy 2 - Gingers02

SHADOWS - Lumipro
POSES - TuTy's_Model PHOTOSHOT female still poses _ posing HUD

Pose Site....

Dazzle October Month Event...
Dazzle -

Addictive Gaming from SPOILED STORE

   Addictive.... Gaming...  Wearing GENUS Project - Genus Head  Strong Face GIFT001 - v1.7 Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.1   Moon. Hair. // T...