Friday, November 3, 2017

GLITTER at Fashion Dazzle's November Event!




Over at the Fashion Dazzle Event this a creation of excellence.....

Why you ask? 

Due to that it has no form or is modeled into a neat little bow.

The creations are unique, mind bending....creative and fun!!!

An example of this fun theme is our very own....

GLITTER Fashion & GP Poses

A lovely Tuxedo Dress that is hug forming and transforms you from daytime "Doris Day" to midnight Elvira style....long slit up the leg...a low front cut and a swirl of colors to entice your most noble of men to your side for just "one more dance".

Come on over to FASHION DAZZLE...and grab this lovely creation...and many more as you can never have too many "Enticing" Items in your little waredrobe.

 Dress comes in FITMESH with 5 sizes to fit just about anyone....(some tweaking maybe needed for smaller sizes on Mesh Bodies) ....also included is a Hud of 5 colors and an Alpha.


ROA is at Spoonful of Sugar Event Sept 2019

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