Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cay's Woodland Lake Sim!!! ...A MUST SEE!!

Hi everyone!
If you have the time and want a romantic spot to take your sweetie - I would recommend Cay's Woodland Lake Sim...more than just dancing there! There are places to rent, you can Rez and ride a boat, or jump off the dock and see the lake floor, (OK...I playfully pushed my sweetie Phred off the dock lol), cuddle seats and romantic waterfalls, shopping for fun poses and very nice men and woman's clothing, and not to mention - great music, friendly DJ's and Staff and best of all.....dancing! Woot!
They have something great happening each day there, so don't just take my word for how great it is...Go and find out! :)
Here is a picture of one of the Cuddle spots on the Sim...Was fun trying out the different poses at the picnic, and near the end of the evening...was trying out lightening. :)

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